The first caving expedition to Durmitor took place in 1984 and there have been many expeditions since, involving caving clubs from many different countries. ASAK (The University of Belgrade Caving Club) have been the organisers since the start and YUCPC first joined the expedition in 2004. The aim of this site is to provide a place for information regarding YUCPC's activity in the area, so for information about the area in general, take a look at the ASAK website.


Five YUCPC members constituted our first team to visit Durmitor, attracted by the largely unprospected kilometer high limestone massif with one cave (Jama na Vjetrenim brdima) already pushed to almost 800 m deep. As well as helping out ASAK with resurveying JVB, prospecting resulted in the discovery of X3.


10 members returned to the same area for our second trip to Montenegro. Most of the time on this expedition was spent prospecting, but X3 was revisited and surveyed (see the caves section). Nothing hugely significant was found on this visit, but X3 hadn't been pushed to a definitive conclusion: there was still a lot of snow at the bottom.


This year saw a 23 strong team from York join the expedition. The difference this year was that for many of us, it was our first experience of expedition caving. Again X3 was visited and again not pushed to a definitive end. In addition, a large amount of the area accessible from the camp was systematically prospected, but we were consistently frustrated by finding caves that had been previously marked, or ending up prospecting less than promising areas. That's not to say it wasn't an enjoyable or successful expedition; it was undoubtedly fantastic for aquiring knowledge and experience of expedition caving, but the drive to return to the same camp wasn't especially strong.


With our every-other-year expo plan, we were struggling for ideas for 2012. Three of us had seen enough not to write off Durmitor so in 2011 returned to the area. With our lack of success in the Southern region where the camp was based since we first joined, we chanced our luck in the northern region. Caving-wise, the results were positive: we found several leads, and identified good new areas for prospecting. Logistics-wise, the news was bad: the only water supply was snow, the walk from the nearest road took the best part of 5 hours, and there was not enough flat ground for more than about 12 people to camp.


2012 saw a return to the northern region of Durmitor, this time with a team of 10. We were able to establish a functional camp despite the tricky logistics! Several entrances from 2011 were revisited; YF10 and YF11, adjacent caves both largely horizontal in nature, were surveyed to a combined total length of around 300 m. Our best lead, YF1, was pushed to -133 m before running out of rope with open leads below. In addition to revisiting previous finds, a large amount of prospecting was done. We found one particular area an hour’s walk away from camp which holds a lot of promise and there are numerous entrances here which need returning to with more gear. A successful trip, leaving us full of enthusiasm for a return in 2013!
Take a look at the reports section for detailed write-ups of these trips.