For general information about the major caves in Durmitor, the ASAK website is the best place to look. This page contains information on our more major finds to date. Don't worry, we're aware that several (/all) of these aren't major finds in the grand scheme of things, but it's a handy place for a bit of information beyond what's on the Prospecting Data page. Click the titles for more info.

Bunda Jama [YG20] (discovered 2012)

This is the main event. Our poking around in 2012 yielded a fairly significant draft, but it turned into the main focus in 2013 after JVC was found to be blocked with snow. Multiple routes down, a couple of digs, a huge pitch, massive chamber, formations and a sizeable streamway saw us leave an undescended pitch at ~300 m down at the end of the 2013 trip. Guess what our primary objective is for 2014?

Subway [YH48] (discovered 2012)

Subway is another 2012 entrance, and is located on a rare unbroken water-worn slab in K-Do. The narrow entrance obviously finished on snow, but in 2013 in was quickly apparent this wasn't a termination: Another pitch lead down into what felt like a large canyon, with another two pitches following on. At the bottom of these a (very) narrow stream was met and followed to another pitch that only one member could reach. On the list for potential enlargement in 2014!

Braon Prst Jama [YH43] (discovered 2012)

Braon Prst Jama is a large entrance in K-Do, with one of the oh-so-sought after windows part way down. It was descended late on during the 2013 trip down several pitches without a conclusion. It's certainly fairly high up on the list for 2014!

YF11 (discovered 2011)

The prospecting sheet for YF11 after 2011 read, "Worth a visit another year if snow levels are low", suggesting any continuation would be downwards. What hadn't been noticed was a climb up behind the snow plug leading to horizontal continuation back into the hillside. This was pushed to a short pitch in some large fossil passage, but unfortunately the passage choked not far beyond after 192 m.

YF10 (discovered 2011)

YF10 was discovered somewhat unexpectely in an uninspiring looking area of Gornja Alisnica, but once found looked very promising. In 2011 we soon reached the end of our rope with empty space below. This lead to speculation about further vertical continuation, but it became apparent in 2012 that any progress was going to be horizontal when we broke into a large chamber not far beyond the 2011 limit. Three passages leading off this chamber were explored, unfortunately to conclusions, but not before it was surveyed to a respectable length of 204 m. The survey data suggests that the tantalising draft unfortunately eminates from the neighbouring YF11.

JVC [YF1] (discovered 2011)

Originally stumbled upon whilst waiting for snow to melt so that we could eat some breakfast, YF1 has become YUCPC's most major find in recent years. It was pushed to a tantalising continuation through an enormous snow plug in 2011, and was the main lead when we headed back in 2012. It then kept going, with the snow and ice continuing with it to add to the fun. We soon broke the -100 m mark in a large chamber before running out of rope, so it remains our major lead for 2013 at -133 m and going.

T34 (discovered 2007)

Unfortunately there was not very much written about this 2007 find, but it was pushed to a conclusion at around -43 m.

X3 (discovered 2004)

x3 Once found, X3 was pushed to roughly its current depth in the first year it was explored. It was pushed to a fairly snowy conclusion, without a totally clear idea as to whether the snow was a permanent feature and whether the snow corresponded to the actual bottom of the cave.

In 2007 a return was made and it was surveyed to -158 m, but again there were differing opinions as to whether it should be written off again, due to the amount of snow around at the bottom.

2010 saw another revisit to X3, with the snow having seemingly shifted around a bit from previous years. One way on past the bottom snow plug was pushed to an extremely cold unfruitful conclusion, whilst a lack of time meant that the other way on couldn't be followed to the end.