These are extracts of trip reports from the 2007 log book.

Went down to where Steve & Debbie reached previously before they ran out of rope. Andy starting putting in lots of bolts for a traverse line whilst Debbie went on an expedition for famished gymnasts down a narrow twisting rift to rescue the bolting kit that had been dropped on the previous trip down the cave. Debbie then joined us to sit around waiting for the finish of the traverse line. I got rather cold waiting. We then all dropped into a large chamber but unfortunately all possible exits seemed to be choked with scree and boulders. We left it rigged and headed home. [JG, 21/08/07]

James, Andy & Andy surveyed T34 and also attempted to push possible leads in the final chamber - but despite putting in a bolt to get up a steep muddy climb and moving a large number of boulders, no way on could be found. [JG, 23/08/07]